i am trying to pass ngModel in child component to displaying error from common component.

It giving error like. Template parse errors:No provider for NgControl.

can any one please check the code and let me know what i am missing.


Parent component

  <h2>Hello {{name}}</h2>
  <form #countryForm="ngForm">
    <div class="form-group row">
      <label for="txtCountryName" class="col-sm-3 col-form-label">Country Name</label>
      <div class="col-sm-9">
        <input type="text" [(ngModel)]="name" ngModel #countryName="ngModel" name="name" class="form-control" id="txtCountryName" placeholder="Country Name"              required minlength="5" maxlength="15">
        <app-error-message [formControl]="countryName"></app-error-message>

Child component

selector: 'app-error-message',
template: `<ng-container *ngIf="formControl">
            <div [hidden]="(formControl.valid || formControl.pristine) && (formControl.errors == null || formControl.errors.invalid == null)" class="alert alert-danger">  


export class ErrorMessageComponent  {
@Input() public formControl: any = null;

public GetValidationMessage() {
    let errorMessage: string = "";
    if (this.formControl.errors) {
        if (this.formControl.dirty || this.formControl.touched) {
            if (this.formControl.errors.required != null) {
                errorMessage = "This field is required.";
            if (this.formControl.errors.minlength != null) {
                errorMessage += "This field must be 8 characters long, we need another " + (this.formControl.errors.minlength.requiredLength - this.formControl.errors.minlength.actualLength) + " characters";
        if (this.formControl.errors.invalid != null) {
            errorMessage += this.formControl.errors.errorMessage;
    return errorMessage;



You should use another name for @Input to not intersect with built-in directive NgControlStatus that requires NgControl provider https://github.com/angular/angular/blob/3ce3b4d2afdc5198a9a5a9432db1f88e2e5d1972/packages/forms/src/directives/ng_control_status.ts#L56

To do so you can either completely replace property name


@Input() public control: any = null;


<app-error-message [control]="countryName"></app-error-message>

Forked Plunker

or use alias for @Input


@Input('control') public formControl: any = null;


<app-error-message [control]="countryName"></app-error-message>

Forked Plunker

  • This solve my error and never think this is a actual problem. thanks @yurzui – Dhaval kansagara Dec 9 '17 at 5:29

try accessing the local template reference variable #countryName, in the parent component. through @ViewChild

Then set a property public countryName: any equal to the local template variable.

//Parent Component

export class ParentComp implements AfterViewInIt{
      @ViewChild('add_template_reference_variable_here') countryNameRef;
      public countryName: any;

      ngAfterViewInit(): void {
       this.countryName = this.countryNameRef;

And then bind new variable to [formControl]="countryName"

// Parent Html Template

<app-error-message [formControl]="countryName"></app-error-message>

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