I am getting started with Symfony 4 using Twig templating and VueJS for UI components.

I have a very basic component in a .vue file for listing tasks, which currently renders a basic table.

// task-list.vue

        <table class="table table-bordered table-striped">
            <tr v-for="task in parsedTasks">
                    {{ task.title }}
                    {{ task.description }}
                    {{ task.completed ? 'Yes' : 'No' }}

    export default {
      name: 'task-list',
      props: {
        tasks: {required: true}
      computed: {
        parsedTasks() {
          return JSON.parse(this.tasks);

This component is registered in the root JS file;

// assets/js/app.js

Vue.component('task-list', TaskList);

new Vue({
  el: '#app-root'

This is then used in a Twig template;

// tasks/list.html.twig

<task-list tasks="{{ tasks | json_encode }}"></task-list>

I want to be able to use the path() Twig function so that, when a row in the task list is clicked, the user is redirected to the generated route/path. Is this possible given that the Vue component is not in a Twig file?

As a side question, is there a better way to pass a Twig variable to a Vue component than json encoding then parsing the data as above?

  • For your side question: as an alternative you could make an extra ajax call in your task-list.vue instead of passing and parsing JSON. But there is no other option to pass a twig variable like you did (this should be fine).
    – baris1892
    Jan 24, 2018 at 19:05

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There is two main approaches: Generate the URL in the backend and use it in javascript:

var route = "{{ path('blog_show', {'slug': 'my-blog-post'})|escape('js') }}";


Or using a javascript routing library that integrates with symfony routes like FOSJsRouting:

var url = Routing.generate('blog_show', {
    'slug': 'my-blog-post'


  • FOSJsRouting looks like exactly what I need - thanks! Dec 9, 2017 at 13:55

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