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I am trying to understand this snippet of code and was hoping I could get some assistance.

the purpose it to use an onclick event to open a bootstrap modal and I have it working but I want to pass in the modal I want to active when I call the script

    function showThisModal() {

the function on first glance is quite simple it displays the modal I have setup with the id of usage. the part that is throwing me is the '#' in front of the modal name

    function showThisModal(modID) {

doesn't seem to work if I pass in the modal name ---usage--- or if I pass in the modal name with a # in front of it ---#usage---

What is the significance of the '#' and how do I set this function up to pass in the modal name

like so


where $modal is any modal name I have available

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The # refers to an id set in the html. so (it looks like you are using jQuery) $('#usage') selects the element with the id of usage. In your function passing in modID you need it to be a string with the hash. In the onclick, where you have $modal you would really want the id, so this.id should do that I think.

edit: so your html would be like <button id="modalWanted" onclick="showThisModal(this.id)">

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