I din't get any docs for native event modifiers. i have seen some where like this:

<router-link @click.native="pressThis()"> Press here </router-link>

what is the use of native modifier on router-link click event. and what other use case native modifier can have ?

  • I am not sure, I am just supposing that native modifier is something like an alias for isTrusted event property, i.e. event callback will be fired only if the event was fired native way and not programatically. In other words, do not react to the synthetic - untrusted event. – user6748331 Dec 9 '17 at 17:26

You can override Vue events in custom components. For instance, you might have a list component that once you click an item you call this.$emit('click', selectedItemData), and that will emit the click event to the parent component that is watching that.

However, sometimes you really want to bind to the native HTML/DOM event listener element.addEventListener('click', callThisMethod), and that's the use of .native. Also, make a note that it will handle cleaning the event listener once your component gets destroyed just like a non-native event.

In sum: use .native when you need the 'raw' event from DOM.

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