I'm try to install Sonata ClassificationBundle on my project in symfony 3.4.

But i can't install it correctly, i thinks i have missing something.

I have pass all step but my application display this message:

Attempted to load class "ApplicationSonataClassificationBundle" from namespace "Application\Sonata\ClassificationBundle". 
Did you forget a "use" statement for another namespace?

I have try to add class to autoload with

"psr-4": {
   "Application\\Sonata\\ClassificationBundle": "src/Application/Sonata/ClassificationBundle",
   "Application\\": "/src/Application"

Without result same error.

My class was perfectly generate.


How can i do ?


Sonata ClassificationBundle Documentation


no need for an extra PSR-4 entry.

Application\\ -> src/Application

is enough, but you should remove the leading / before src.


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