When trying to install the latest version of RxJS,

I used npm install rxjs as explained in this documentation: https://github.com/reactivex/rxjs

But I got these warnings:

npm warn @angular/common@5.1.0 requires a peer of rxjs@^5.5.0 but none is installed.

You must install peer dependencies yourself.

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So it looks like RxJS is upgraded but not to the latest version.

In the output we see that there is a latest one which is RxJS 5.5.0

Is there any better npm command line to upgrade to the latest version ?


EDIT 2020

The easiest way to force upgrade any package would be to do append an @latest to the required package.

In our use case it would be

npm install rxjs@latest

This would force your current setup to install the latest stable version available.

Bear in mind that the latest version might not always be compatible with all the libraries in use. In case a specific range is needed due to compatibility issues you should install specific versions(e.g for the use case)

npm install rxjs@5.5.0

In the previous answer it was also included the -g flag. This would (as for any npm package installation) install the specified package globally in your system and not only on the current project

Previous Answer

You can always try to force the version by doing

npm install -g rxjs@5.5.0

Or you can have a more modern approach and use yarn :)


Since the release of npm 5.x the comment about yarn is no longer necessarily true :)

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  • If you see the date of the answer it was in December 2017. What’s the point of your comment?
    – Hugo Noro
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Npm is telling you that it has found latest version 5.5.0 but your angular 5.1 version is not compatible with RxJs@5.5.0 and hence it falls back to the last compatible. Upgrade your angular version alongside, so that you can leverage features of both You can install latest angular using npm install -g @angular/cli@latest After installation you will need to run npm update in your project


There seems to be some problem with the latest rxjs. You can change to another rxjs version as given below:

npm install rxjs@6.0.0 --save

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