I have a model like this.

  namespace App\Models;

  use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

  class Item extends Model

      public function brand()
          return $this->belongsTo(Brand::class);
      public function banner()
          return $this->hasMany(Banner::class);

So if i want to get Item with brands i'm doing $items = Item::with('brand')->get(); But now i need to get Item with both brand and banner, how should i do that?

I've trItem::with('brand', 'banner')->get() but banners are empty this way.

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Pass all the relationships you want to load into with() as an array:

$items = Item::with(['brand', 'banner'])->get();

Sometimes you may need to eager load several different relationships in a single operation. To do so, just pass additional arguments to the with method



You can conectate the with method like so

$items = Item::with('brand')->with('banner')->get();

Or in one array (like Alexey Mezenin wrote)

$items = Item::with(['brand', 'banner'])->get();

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