I have these two tables just for example:

- id_teacher   // primary key, autoincrement
- name_teacher // a varchar

- id_student    // primary key, autoincrement
- name_student  // a varchar
- id_teacher_fk // foreign key reference to a teacher (TAB_TEACHER)

I want to know how to insert in these two cases:

CASE 1 - INSERT a new Student with an pre-existing TEACHER, so I have to get the foreign key with a teacher name

CASE 2 - INSERT a new Student with a new TEACHER (the teacher I'm creating in the same time I'm creating the student)


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For case1:

INSERT INTO TAB_STUDENT(name_student, id_teacher_fk)
SELECT 'Joe The Student', id_teacher
 WHERE name_teacher = 'Professor Jack'

For case2 you just have to do 2 separate insert statements

  • Good, it's very simple just as a normal insert! Isn't there a trick to get the id_teacher_fk "in the insert of the first?"
    – okami
    Jan 23, 2011 at 19:03
  • This is if you want to add a student with teacher and you only know the names, then it takes the name of student as constant and the id of the teacher from the table
    – Imre L
    Jan 24, 2011 at 21:27

Case 1: Insert Row and Query Foreign Key

Here is an alternate syntax I use:

INSERT INTO tab_student 
   SET name_student = 'Bobby Tables',
       id_teacher_fk = (
       SELECT id_teacher
         FROM tab_teacher
        WHERE name_teacher = 'Dr. Smith')

I'm doing this in Excel to import a pivot table to a dimension table and a fact table in SQL so you can import to both department and expenses tables from the following:

enter image description here

Case 2: Insert Row and Then Insert Dependant Row

Luckily, MySQL supports LAST_INSERT_ID() exactly for this purpose.

INSERT INTO tab_teacher
   SET name_teacher = 'Dr. Smith';
INSERT INTO tab_student 
   SET name_student = 'Bobby Tables',
       id_teacher_fk = LAST_INSERT_ID()
  • 4
    Is this the most efficient way to do this ??? And what to do if I want to insert multiple values at the same time while inserting ? Sep 20, 2016 at 10:22
  • 1
    You can add more SET lines to add multiple values. Sep 20, 2016 at 14:33

Case 1

INSERT INTO tab_student (name_student, id_teacher_fk)
    VALUES ('dan red', 
           (SELECT id_teacher FROM tab_teacher WHERE name_teacher ='jason bourne')

it is advisable to store your values in lowercase to make retrieval easier and less error prone

Case 2

mysql docs

INSERT INTO tab_teacher (name_teacher) 
    VALUES ('tom stills')
INSERT INTO tab_student (name_student, id_teacher_fk)
    VALUES ('rich man', LAST_INSERT_ID())

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