If a user logs in, I'm checking if the user has the required policies for IoT, if not, i'm attaching it.

This works fine, if i'm logging in for the first time.

Now when I'm logging out, and try to login with a different user, for some reason the credentials are missing, and when i'm refreshing the page, its working again....

window.login = function() {
    var shadowsRegistered = false;

    AWSCognito.config.region = AWSConfiguration.region;
    AWSCognito.config.credentials = new AWS.CognitoIdentityCredentials({
        IdentityPoolId: AWSConfiguration.IdPoolId

    var authenticationData = {
      Username : document.getElementById("benutzername").value,
      Password : document.getElementById("passwort").value

    var authenticationDetails = new AmazonCognitoIdentity.AuthenticationDetails(authenticationData);

    var poolData = {
      UserPoolId : AWSConfiguration.UserPoolId, 
      ClientId :   AWSConfiguration.ClientAppId 

    var userPool = new AmazonCognitoIdentity.CognitoUserPool(poolData);

    var userData = {
      Username : document.getElementById("benutzername").value,
      Pool : userPool

    var cognitoUser = new AmazonCognitoIdentity.CognitoUser(userData);

    cognitoUser.authenticateUser(authenticationDetails, {
      onSuccess: function (result) {
        AWS.config.region = AWSConfiguration.region;

        var auth_params = {
          IdentityPoolId: AWSConfiguration.IdPoolId,
          Logins : {
            'cognito-idp.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/eu-central-XXXX' : result.getIdToken().getJwtToken()

        AWS.config.credentials = new AWS.CognitoIdentityCredentials(auth_params); 
        var cognitoIdentity = new AWS.CognitoIdentity();        
        cognitoIdentity.getId(auth_params, function(err, data) {
          if (err) {
            cognitoId = AWS.config.credentials.identityId;
            cognitoId = data.IdentityId;
          var iot = new AWS.Iot();

          iot.listPrincipalPolicies({principal: cognitoId}, function(err, data) {
            if (err) {
              console.log(err, err.stack);  //ERROR on 2nd login
              // not related, works on the first login..

The Error I'm receiving:

CredentialsError: Missing credentials in config


I fixed it by myself. You need to clear the cached credentials.

$('#logout').click(function() {
  currentUser = userPool.getCurrentUser();
  AWS.config.credentials = new AWS.CognitoIdentityCredentials({});
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