I am building an Angular2/Typescript Application with the Contentful CMS. I already created the app, the navigation and have a running Contentful Service to fetch an entry, all entries and categories, etc.

My objective is to implement a Navigation Menu with the Categories fetched from Contentful. A Click on Category filters the result page to show only products of the clicked category.

Structure of Components:


  • Contentful-Filter
  • Contentful-Products Wrapper
  • Contentful-Product

Contentful-Filter Code:

HTML Code:
    <div *ngFor="let category of categories">
     <a [routerLink]="[category.sys.id]">{{category.fields.categoryTitle}}</a>

TS Code:
    ngOnInit() {
        //fetch Categories
        .then(categories => {
          this.categories = categories;

Contentful-Product Code:

HTML is fairly simple:


Here I am struggling with the implementation of the router and route params as well creating a method in the Contentful-Service. I have a rough idea but only this code:

  ngOnInit() {
    .then(categories => {
      this.categories = categories;

      return Promise.all(this.categories.map(
        category => this.contentfulService.getProducts({
          'fields.categories.sys.id': category.sys.id
    .then(productListings => {
      this.categories.forEach((cat, i) => {
        this.productsForCategories[cat.sys.id] = productListings[i];



Thanks for your help to create the getProductsByCategory Method as well as the connector of the Angular Router.

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