I have my main development machine at home that will NOT let me see or use any of the in browser development options. When i try to run in debug mode the VS2017 UI locks up and never recovers. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Visual Studio and the TACO tools multiple times with no success. I have loaded VS2017 on two separate machines to test that it will work.

I tried it on my work machine and an old laptop and BOTH work perfectly. So my main machine i cannot figure out how to get it to work. All three of these machines are Win7 x64 machines with no OS differences.

Image of the working machines debug options here.

I am currently at a loss on how to fix this issue..any help would be nice. The only difference with this non working machine is that i previously had phonegap/cordova cli installed as well as the Android SDK/Emulators. I have since uninstalled all of that and i still cannot get VS2017 working..

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