I'm aware that you can change the AppIcon based on build targets, so some people create dev, staging, release build targets with different AppIcons like this article suggests: Different App Icons for your iOS Beta, Dev, and Release builds

However I would like to do this by schemes if possible.

I have 4 build targets:

  • Dev
  • QA
  • Staging
  • Release

And many schemes, which using react-native-config I can build different flavors based on environment variables:

  • Public
  • Public Premium
  • B2B
  • B2B Premium

Using schemes I can have many versions of the app at once on a device using the BundleID which gets changed using react-native-config.

How can I use schemes to differ the AppIcon?

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If you're already using 'Environment Variables' to modify things like Bundle Identifier, you could totally do the same for AppIcons.

I don't know a lot about React Native configuration but in Xcode you can edit Target's build settings easily. For demonstration purpose I've create a test project and added a 'Premium' Configuration.

For instance if I would like to change the Bundle Identifier on my test project. I need to go under Target > Build Settings and search For 'Product Bundle Identifier' here I can set a different bundle id for each config.

Screenshot 1

The exact same mechanic apply for App Icons. To find the setting I must go under Target > Build Settings once again and search for 'Assets Catalog Compiler - Options' under this one I look for another options called 'Asset Catalog App Icon Set Name' and here you can chose a different Icon for any configuration. Here I chose AppIcon-Premium for my Premium config

Screenshot 2

Of course you need to create another IOS App Icon

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

I am conscious that for this example I am using Configuration over Schemes, but for me a Scheme is just a quick way to switch between configurations.

Here is a StackOverflow thread about Schemes and Configurations differences: understanding Xcode schemes

I hope this answer could help you at least a bit. I recently spent so much time struggling to understand Xcode mechanics... However I am still a Newbie and I am probably missing a lot of things. Even if you're still stuck I hope that my answer could help you to improve your search !

I wish you best of luck !

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    the answer is a good one for changing values based on Build Configuration - but the question is about changing based on Scheme, not Build Configuration
    – H K
    Oct 11, 2019 at 20:22
  • @HK for the Scheme you can leverage of User-Defined Settings for your single Target. Take a look at engineering.circle.com/… for full instructions.
    – SerhiiK
    Mar 25, 2020 at 13:44
  • @HK You can define different configuration to use for each scheme. Scheme->Edit->RUN->Build configuration : choose Release\Debug\<whatever you want>
    – gor
    Oct 28, 2020 at 22:37

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