I would like to restrict users from selecting particular dates based on business logic in react native ios/ android date pickers. Currently in the document i only see that a min date and max date can be provided. So is there a way to only restrict lets say (5 , 6, 10, 12 , 18) of a month?

Note: these dates are just an example would change from a case to case scenario

  • That is not possible with the default native iOS/android datepicker and you need to create a custom picker for yourself. Commented Jan 21, 2018 at 17:26

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For IOS example

      onDateChange={(date) => {
        if(isAllowedDate(date))  {
          this.setState({chosenDate: newDate})
        else {
          this.setState({error:'you can not select this date ...'})


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use react-native-datepicker module for iOS and Android , set a method to check if date valid or not

            placeholder="select date"

saveDateIfValid = (date) =>
        let dateArray = data.split("-");
        let validDays = [5,6,10,12,18];
        let selectedDay = parseInt(dataArray[2]);
        if(validDays.indexOf(selectedDay) > -1){
            //date is valid
            this.setState({date : date});
            return;     //end the method

    //not valid
    this.setState({date : null});

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