I am implementing an encoder-decoder LSTM network that should reconstruct the input sequence.

Currently, I am getting an error: ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence.

I think it happens because I feed variable length inputs as part of feed_dict.

This is the function responsible for constructing feed dictionary:

def next_feed(batch_index):
    encoder_inputs_ = train_X[batch_index:batch_index + train_batch_size]          # encoder input = [w1, w2, ...]
    encoder_inputs_length_ = seq_lengths[batch_index: batch_index + train_batch_size]
    decoder_targets_ = []
    for i in range(encoder_inputs_.shape[0]):
        l = seq_lengths[batch_index: batch_index + train_batch_size][i]
        trimmed = np.array(encoder_inputs_[i, 0:l+1])
    decoder_targets_ = np.array(decoder_targets_)
    return {
        encoder_inputs: encoder_inputs_,
        decoder_targets: decoder_targets_,
        encoder_inputs_length: encoder_inputs_length_

If I do not trim the decoder_targets that I get another error, because dimensions of logits and labels do not match:

InvalidArgumentError (see above for traceback): logits and labels must be same size: logits_size=[16,7810] labels_size=[550,7810]

Question: how to handle this error? Ideally I would like to stick to trimmed decoder_targets.

EDIT: Is padding the only way to deal with such cases?

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