I'm trying to create a multi-column unique index using a shadow property. I know I can solve this problem with just adding a property, but I would like to see if this is possible in a way to keep my model clean.

To create a multi-column index you have the following option in Fluent API:

modelBuilder.Entity<AlbumTrack>().HasIndex(t => new { t.TrackNumber, t.AlbumId).IsUnique();

But I don't want to clutter my model with an extra AlbumId property and thus would like to use a shadow property, for a single column this works as followed:

modelBuilder.Entity<AlbumTrack>().HasIndex(t => EF.Property<int>(t,"AlbumId")).IsUnique();

I tried the following:

    .HasIndex(t => new { t.TrackNumber, EF.Property<int>(t,"AlbumId")})

However my IDE throws the following error:

Invalid anonymous type member declarator. Anonymous type members must be declared with a member assignment, simple name or member access.

Anybody has an idea how to do this with using a shadow properties or is this just not possible?

edit: various grammar arrors.

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    Unfortunately even if you define a name (.HasIndex(t => new { t.TrackNumber, AlbumId = EF.Property<int>(t, "AlbumId") }) and avoid compilation error, you get runtime error "The properties expression 't => new <>f__AnonymousType11`2(TrackNumber = t.TrackNumber, AlbumId = Property(t, "AlbumId"))' is not valid. The expression should represent a property access: 't => t.MyProperty'. When specifying multiple properties use an anonymous type: 't => new { t.MyProperty1, t.MyProperty2 }'. Parameter name: propertyAccessExpression". So the string overload from my answer is currently the only choice – Ivan Stoev Dec 12 '17 at 20:35

It's possible. You can simply use the HasIndex overload with params string[] propertyNames.

First make sure the shadow property is defined:


and then define the index:

    .HasIndex("TrackNumber", "AlbumId")
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    Yes, it was that simple, thank you very much. The property method is without the has, like .Property, but not that anybodies IDE wouldn't catch that, thank you. – N. Janné Dec 12 '17 at 20:51

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