According to Vue docs, binding a key is required to use custom components in a v-for:

<template v-for="(task,i) in tasks">
    <task-card v-bind:task="task" v-bind:key="i"></task-card>

I would like to use that key in the child component (task-card), but neither using this.key or adding key as a prop (is a reserved Vue keyword) works. Is there a way of doing this without passing yet another prop with the value "i"? Currently working with "vue": "^2.5.9".

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    this.$vnode.key. – Bert Dec 13 '17 at 0:04

If you want to pass data to the child, you should be using props (key is reserved so you'll have to name it something else).

Otherwise you can access the key on the vnode within the component via this.$vnode.key.

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