I am implementing online gameplay for my small turn-based iOS app. I am having some trouble implementing the "GKSavedGameListener" protocol because I am not sure how to register an object as a listener (or set an object as a delegate).

I was having similar trouble with "GKLocalPlayerListener", but found GKLocalPlayer allowed registration via "registerListener:". I found apple's documentation on this kind of lacking. Unfortunately, it does not look like "GKSavedGameListener" is as easy to implement.

I see that GKLocalPlayer conforms to "GKSavedGameListener", but does not seem to implement the optional functions in the protocol (at least I don't see them in GKLocalPlayer.h).

I am specifically interested in "player:didModifySavedGame:".

How can I implement custom behavior in the "GKSavedGameListener" protocol functions?


Per guidance in Apple's docs: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/gamekit/gklocalplayerlistener?changes=_7&language=objc, GKLocalPlayerListener inherits from, among other things, GKSavedGameListener. You only need implement for GKLocalPlayerListener and you get messages for all four.

After you register, configure your class to conform to GKLocalPlayerListener so that your class receives those:

@interface MyGameKitHelperClass : UIViewController

You can then implement the functions in your class which are called when your class receives the appropriate message.

-(void)player:(GKPlayer *)player didModifySavedGame:(GKSavedGame *)savedGame


-(void)player:(GKPlayer *)player hasConflictingSavedGames:(NSArray *)savedGames


// or whichever functions you're interested in.
  • Thanks! I did some testing and got it to work - but found it unreliable. So I implemented my own polling function to determine when the turn had moved. It looks like alot of people are having trouble with this protocol. A different question on this topic – Ishmael King Jan 2 '18 at 5:03

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