Hi everybody (the ones that loves Flutter),

It is very simple (but I don't know how).

I have dynamic menu options in a Firebase database. I need to show it to final user in a GridView.

I have a Future list (let's say Future>) that returns a list from Firebase data:

static Future<List<Menu>> list() async {
    List<Menu> _list = new List();
    await drMenues.onValue.listen((event) {
      Menu _menu = new Menu();
    return _list;

Now, I need to fill my GridView with these menu options.

final datosMenues = list();
new GridView.count(
  crossAxisCount: (orientation == Orientation.portrait) ? 3 : 4,
  childAspectRatio: (orientation == Orientation.portrait) ? 1.0 : 1.3,
      children: datosMenues.then

I need a little help to finish it. I know I need a "then" because is a Future list.

Please any advice?

  • NOTE: drMenues is a reference to a Firebase database: DatabaseReference drMenues = FirebaseDatabase.instance.reference().child(tMenues);
    – abnerh69
    Dec 13 '17 at 3:05
  • You can edit your question and add additional info there. Code in comments is hard to read. Dec 13 '17 at 7:10
  • I understand nothing too. Dec 13 '17 at 16:11
  • I think you can find some help in this article.
    – Ramesh-X
    Jun 30 '20 at 6:03

Here is a complete example if you need a little more help.

This is how my data is organized in Firebase:

this is how my data is organized in Firebase

return StreamBuilder(
    stream: FirebaseDatabase.instance
    builder: (BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot<Event> snapshot) {
      if (snapshot.hasData) {
        Map<dynamic, dynamic> map = snapshot.data.snapshot.value;
        map.forEach((dynamic, v) => print(v["pic"]));

        return GridView.builder(
          gridDelegate: SliverGridDelegateWithFixedCrossAxisCount(
              crossAxisCount: 3),
          itemCount: map.values.toList().length,
          padding: EdgeInsets.all(2.0),
          itemBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index) {
            return Container(
              child: Image.network(
                fit: BoxFit.cover,
              padding: EdgeInsets.all(2.0),
      } else {
        return CircularProgressIndicator();

void initState() {
  final FirebaseDatabase database = FirebaseDatabase(app: widget.app);
  • thank u so much i was using strembuilder for firestore and recently switched to realtime databse ,...was looking for strembuilder on realtimedatabase, now i have controll over limiting and startAt endAt functions easily
    – Rajesh Jr.
    Sep 22 '18 at 9:19

What a have been investigating and learning, what I need is a FutureBuilder the gets the query in "future:" and builds the GridView in "builder:".

This is how I solved "Flutter: How to load Future data from firebase to GridView?":


drMenues is a reference to a Firebase database:

DatabaseReference drMenues = FirebaseDatabase.instance.reference().child(tMenues);

Menues is just a container for static constants and static functions.

Menu is a class for each data in my firebase database.

MenuItem is a StatefulWidget which returns a Widget to show in the GridView.

new FutureBuilder<DataSnapshot>(
              future: Menues.drMenues.orderByChild(Menues.ORDEN).once(),
                  (BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot<DataSnapshot> snapshot) {
                if (!snapshot.hasData) return new Container();
                Map content = snapshot.data.value;
                List<Menu> lista = new List<Menu>();
                content.forEach((key, value) {
                  Menu _menu = new Menu();
                  _menu.fromValue(key, value);
                lista.sort((a,b) => a.orden.compareTo(b.orden));
                return new GridView.count(
                  crossAxisCount: 3,
                  childAspectRatio: 1.3,
                  children: lista.map((Menu menu) {
                    return new MenuItem(menu: menu);

If anyone need a little help on this, please let me know.

  • 2
    Usually when listening to the database it is a stream of data rather than a future, consider using StreamBuilder instead of FutureBuilder Dec 14 '17 at 16:09
  • Can you please, provide an example for StreamBuilder?
    – abnerh69
    Dec 15 '17 at 0:26
  • Were you able to work with the streambuilder? I tried this with a stream builder but couldn't get the gridview builder to work. Apr 12 '18 at 14:42
  • How to make a "Click event" on this ? Please let me know Jan 17 '20 at 5:13

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