I am a PHP developer. I have lots of files in my /home/filefolder/ . I am unable to access home directory by my PHP code. So i come to idea of bash scripting. i do not know how to create and execute bash file. I have to copy files from /home/filefolder1/ to /home/filefolder2/.

I have a string of records

"0000001.pdf" "0000002.pdf" "0000003.pdf"

i want it to loop and copy the files


copy(source path destination path)
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This snippet should work:

for i in "0000001.pdf" "0000002.pdf" "0000003.pdf"
    cp /home/filefolder1/$i /home/filefolder2/

An alternative would be just to use the following:

pushd /home/filefolder1/
cp "0000001.pdf" "0000002.pdf" "0000003.pdf" /home/filefolder2/
  • is it possible /home/filefolder1/"0000001.pdf" "0000002.pdf" "0000003.pdf" /home/filefolder2/ Commented Dec 13, 2017 at 8:36
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    No, but you could use cp /home/filefolder1/{0000001.pdf,0000002.pdf,0000003.pdf} /home/filefolder2/ instead.
    – caylee
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If you are doing a one time copy, you don't need to write a script. Assuming you are using bash as your shell, in your terminal execute these commands:

$ cd /home/filefolder1
$ cp -p 0000001.pdf 0000002.pdf 0000003.pdf /home/filefolder2

The -p switch preserves permissions

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