Converting between C# List and F# List

Is there an abbreviation/alternate name of the Dictionary class "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary" in F#?

For example, the C# List type "System.Collections.Generic.List" has an abbreviation called "ResizeArray" in F#.

So, if I am working with a C# list in F#, I can use "ResizeArray", instead of using "open System.Collections.Generic" at the start of my file (because that will cause conflict between the C# List module and the F# List module, e.g. see the code example from the Microsoft webpage linked above)

Is there a keyword in F# that is a abbreviation for "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary"? So that I don't need to use "open System.Collections.Generic" and cause potential conflict between C#List and F#List.

Thank you very much.


F# supports type abbreviation all on its own. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/fsharp/language-reference/type-abbreviations

type type-abbreviation = type-name

So you can abbreviate the dictionary type on your own:

type ResizeDictionary<'a,'b> = System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<'a,'b>

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