I would like to enumerate the strings in a object in a way that strings that appears more than one time are tagged as "stringX1", "string2" and so on.

This would be an input example:

strings <- c("stringQ", "stringW", "stringE", "stringQ")

The expected output would be:

stringOut <- c("stringQ1", "stringW1", "stringE1", "stringQ2")

Note that the "stringQ" is there two times, that's why I expect "stringQ1" and "stringQ2".


We can use ave

paste0(strings, ave(strings, strings, FUN = seq_along))

Or if we start the numbering from duplicate elements

make.unique(strings, sep="")

You can do this with dplyr as follows:


strings <- data.frame(string = c("stringQ", "stringW", "stringE", "stringQ"))

strings %>% group_by(string) %>%
  mutate(stringnumber = paste0(string,row_number())) %>%
  ungroup() %>%

results in :

# A tibble: 4 x 1
1     stringQ1
2     stringW1
3     stringE1
4     stringQ2

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