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public class reverse_string { public static void main(String[] args) {

    StringBuffer s1 =  new StringBuffer("madam");
    StringBuffer s2 = new StringBuffer(s1.reverse());

        System.out.print("\nreal string and reverse string are matched");
        System.out.print("\nreal string and reverse string are not matched");

} }

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You are comparing two StringBuffer instantes, not the strings itself.

Try adding .toString() to convert them to a String.


StringBuffer will do a reference comparison with equals. Since they are not the same object, the comparison returns false.

change your code to


this will compare the values of the Strings.

Also: JavaScript and Java are not the same thing.


StringBuffer doesn't override equals() from String, its equals() method is the one inherited from java.lang.Object, which returns true if and only if "==" would be true. That is, it compares the references of the two objects, which are not equal.

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