since i've upgraded to Angular 5 and started using httpclient. I am unable to get just a simple login function to work. Can someone help me out?

auth service:

login(email: string, password: string): Observable<boolean> {
    return this.http.post(environment.api_url + '/authenticate', {email: email, password: password})
      .map(response => {
          if (response && response.token) {
            localStorage.setItem('token', response.token);
            return true;
          } else {
            return false;
      .catch(err => Observable.of(false));

and the login page controller:

login() {
    this.loading = true;
    this.auth.login(this.credentials.email, this.credentials.password)
        data => {
          if (data) {
        data => {
          this.loading = false;
          if (data.error && data.error.message) {
            this.loginError = data.error.message;

This gives me error(s):

ERROR in src/app/services/auth.service.ts(104,36): error TS2339: Property 'token' does not exist on type 'Object'. src/app/services/auth.service.ts(105,52): error TS2339: Property 'token' does not exist on type 'Object'.


With http, the response body was typed as any, which meant you could use whatever properties you needed without TypeScript complaining. This changed with HttpClient, whereby it defaults to just a standard Object, which upsets TypeScript as a basic object does not have a token property.

You have at least 3 basic options here:

  1. Change from response.token to response['token'].
  2. Use this.http.post<any> and continue to access response.token.
  3. Create e.g. a new interface, such as the following:

    interface AuthenticateResponse {
        token: string

    With this, you can then use this.http.post<AuthenticateResponse> and have the type-safety offered by TypeScript.

You can read more about this in Typechecking the response from the docs.

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