I am trying to add Apple developer account in Xcode Account Preferences and its giving below error.

"This action could not be completed. Try again."

I tried different Wi-Fi connections, Different Xcode Versions.

After removal of Apple Id, I am not able to add it again.

Your help could save my time as I am not able to Upload App on store.

enter image description here

  • After long search it helps but cleared My Mac Keychain. I had run following command on Terminal: sudo mkdir -p /Users/Shared sudo chown root:wheel /Users/Shared sudo chmod -R 1777 /Users/Shared – Mohit Singhal Dec 19 '17 at 7:40

If you using

sudo mkdir -p /Users/Shared sudo chown root:wheel /Users/Shared sudo chmod -R 1777 /Users/Shared

does not work. Update lastest itunes(for now 12.7.3)

  • happened to me on Mojave beta 5, could not sign in no where .... – Maksim Kniazev Aug 2 '18 at 1:55
  • You should update lastest itunes version @MaksimKniazev – Giang Aug 2 '18 at 8:11
  • I do not understand how iTunes has something do with this? Plus i can't install iTunes to beta 10.14 Mojave – Maksim Kniazev Aug 2 '18 at 8:15
  • 1
    I think xCode and iTunes using same functions or somethings like this. If your xcode version differences or incompatible with Itunes will be erros. – Giang Aug 2 '18 at 8:18
  • Installed iTunes, launched saying Unknown error occurred -04576 and it's crashing.. – Maksim Kniazev Aug 2 '18 at 8:21

You just need to remove the device on iCloud. You can do it with your iPhone in the settings -> profile -> devices list -> macbook -> remove

or visit icloud.com and remove the device there


Make sure your iTunes is up to date. Out of the blue I couldn't sign in on my Mac into iCloud anymore, no matter wether it was System preferences, iTunes or Xcode. Changing permissions on /Users/Shared didn't help. I was about to give up and reinstall mac OS. Then I updated iTunes and - and voila, it worked again!

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