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I want to execute environment specific application-{PROFILE}.properties file (which I have set in my environment variable) in my application. So let us say I have environment defined as "prod", so the application should use application-prod.properties file. Kindly suggest me how to achieve this. Thank you in advance.

Edit 1: I am using java -jar MyApp.jar to run. And suppose I have 4 application.properties files in my app, and I want my app to use the application-dev.properties file ( here dev is defined in my environment variable)

Edit 2: I can't use spring.profiles.active in application.properties file, because in that case I will have to change every time I will run my jar in different env, let us say dev,uat and prod.

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Run with following maven command.

mvn clean install -P<PROFILE_NAME>

It will use properties file based on the profile.

  • I have application-prod.properties file, tried running mvn clean install -P "application-prod.properties" but it is saying The requested profile "application-prod.properties" could not be activated because it does not exist. – Ashish Burnwal Dec 14 '17 at 11:40

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