The following code snippet is taken from this blog post:

val sensorTable = ??? // can be a CSV file, Kafka topic, database, or ...

// register the table source
tEnv.registerTableSource("sensors", sensorTable)

I would like to read data from a relational database. Does Flink have a TableSource for JDBC databases?


In its current version (1.4.0, Dec. 2017), Flink does not provide a built-in TableSource to ingest data from a relational database.

However, there is a JDBCInputFormat that can be used. You can either

  • use it to read the data from the database using the DataSet API and register the DataSet as a Table or
  • implement a JdbcTableSource that wraps the JdbcInputFormat. A simple implementation of a JdbcTableSource should be easy to achieve. Implementing support for parallel reads, projection or filter push-down, requires more effort.
  • Please share if any scala reference code for this . I am using Flink 1.3 version . – Amit Dass Dec 14 '17 at 12:56

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