We can download multiple links using wget -i file_name where file_name is the file that contains all URLs we have to download.

I have 3 URLs in a file for example:


I request these URLs using wget -i file_name. But, how can we specify files names to store the result?

For example,we have to store result from google.com, facebook.com, twitter.com as response1, response2, response3 respectively. Thanks in advance.


I found similar question here Use the -O file option.


wget google.com
16:07:52 (538.47 MB/s) - `index.html' saved [10728]


wget -O foo.html google.com
16:08:00 (1.57 MB/s) - `foo.html' saved [10728]

Referring above I come up with a solution to write a simple shell script.

It's simply like executing wget -O <URL> <filename> multiple times.

  1. Create a file download_file.sh with contents like this

    wget https://www.google.com -O google_file
    wget https://www.facebook.com -O fb_file
    wget https://www.twitter.com -O twitter_file  
  2. Make the file executable

    chmod +x download_file.sh
  3. Run the file


All URL will be downloaded with filename defined in the download_file.sh. Also, you can tweak the shell script as your requirement like providing URLs from another file as the argument of this file.

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