I'm developing my first real flutter project and I have a question about assets. Can I use platform assets to load my app icons? If no, I need create flutter assets to my app. But, what is recommended size to general icons?

Flutter doc say:

Main assets are presumed to match a nominal pixel ratio of 1.0. To specify assets targeting different pixel ratios, place the variant assets in the application bundle under subdirectories named in the form "Nx", where N is the nominal device pixel ratio for that asset.

But Android and IOS have many screen sizes. Using platform assets I create all icons according platform specification. So how I do in flutter? What are the specifications of general purpose icons?



If these are simple icons, then using an icon font, in the same manner as the built in IconData, should obviate any concerns about scaling, since they are vector-based.

If you have (or can convert) your icon assets as SVG, then you can easily build Flutter icon fonts using http://fluttericon.com. This will generate a TTF font and Dart code for your custom icons.

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