I am trying to freeze the form while LoadNewQCDetails(); method is on process; but, even though the UI is disabled/suspend after completing the LoadNewQCDetails(); method, all click events by the user will trigger. So, I need to freeze the form such that the user can't click on anything in the UI till the LoadNewQCDetails(); process completed.

My code:

    private void button5_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //this.Enabled = false;
    button3.Enabled = false;
    tabControl1.Enabled = false;
    groupBox1.Enabled = false;
    groupBox2.Enabled = false;
    groupBox3.Enabled = false;

    GlobalVariable.RefreshArtiCnt = 0;

    if (comboBox2.Text != "" )
      //  LoadAllQCDetails();

        //this function takes nearly 1 minute to complete task
    { MessageBox.Show("Data not found for this condition", "Alert"); }

    button3.Enabled = true;
    tabControl1.Enabled = true;
    groupBox1.Enabled = true;
    groupBox2.Enabled = true;
    groupBox3.Enabled = true;

    //this.Enabled = true;
    //   this.ResumeLayout();
  • then do not show the form until the form has completely loading. you can add the long code into the OnShowing event and make the call to load whatever async if the data is large. Bam...! simple fix or if this method take a long time to complete LoadNewQCDetails(); create a custom form with a timer on it , show that form modal using the ShowDialog() method, and alert the end users to be patient, that data is loading make take a few minutes.. what does the LoadNewQCDetails(); method look like..? can that be loaded first async – MethodMan Dec 15 '17 at 5:05
  • is your LoadNewQCDetails contain large loop or query? – Nitish Gawde Dec 15 '17 at 5:09
 //shows the main page

Add all the controls in a panel and do panel.enabled=false; just before calling your method and panel.enabled=true; after method call.

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