After upgrading my docker image from php:7.1.11-apache to php:7.2.0-apache (FROM debian:stretch-slim) google-fluentd package is not found / installed.

This is the output when I try to build the docker image in GKE installing google fluentd (https://dl.google.com/cloudagents/install-logging-agent.sh) :

W: GPG error: http://packages.cloud.google.com/apt google-cloud-logging-wheezy InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 3746C208A7317B0F
W: The repository 'http://packages.cloud.google.com/apt google-cloud-logging-wheezy InRelease' is not signed.

And running the container image I get this error (because it's not installed):

/bin/sh: 1: /etc/init.d/google-fluentd: not found

Following the guide https://cloud.google.com/logging/docs/agent/installation I see support to Debian 8.

Do you know any workaround or fix to solve this problem?

Thank you.

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