When you do a

console.log('Loading function');

in an amazon lambda function, where does that go?

My setup api gateway lambda function nodejs6.10 curl https://n2tredacted.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/prod/redactedFunc

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    If you are using Serverless Framework you can simply access them in commandline. – Ashan Dec 16 '17 at 18:13

AWS Lambda logs are written to CloudWatch Logs. Here's how to access them:

  1. select your Lambda function in the AWS console
  2. click the Monitoring tab
  3. choose View logs in CloudWatch

If you prefer to retrieve CloudWatch Logs outside of the AWS Console, then there are numerous CLI options:


There are 2 ways to access logs of your Lambda Function.

Method 1 (Using Serverless CLI):

Navigate to the root of your project folder and enter this in your command line:

sls logs -f myFunctionName -t

-f is for specifying the function name and -t is live tailing the logs in the command line.

Method 2 (Using CloudWatch Logs):

Go to CloudWatch in the region where your function was deployed and head to Logs. You will find the logs of your function there.


In the console Cloudwatch > Logs Or with awscli:

aws logs get-log-events  --log-group-name /aws/lambda/my_group_name_here --log-stream-name stream_name_here

Some special characters like $ need to be escaped with a preceding \

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