I have an object that I get from an external source at runtime. It has arbitrary string string valued keys, but only numric values. It could look like:

{foo:1, bar:3} 

but it might as well look like

{asdf: 1}

I want the typescript compiler to know that for all present keys, the value is numeric. I tried things like type numObj = {string: number} and type numObj = {[string]: number} but neither works.

What is the suiting type declaration?


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As given by jonrsharpe in his comment typescript type for object with unknown keys, but only numeric values?:

{ [key: string]: number }? Read the docs on indexable types: www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/interfaces.html


Typescript's Record utility type could also be used for this.

type CustomType = Record<string, number>

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