Writing a bash script to connect to GDAX's Websocket Feed at wss://ws-feed.gdax.com but curl doesn't seem to support this as I get

curl "wss://ws-feed.gdax.com"
curl: (1) Protocol "wss" not supported or disabled in libcurl
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Well, you can try to mimic the required headers to get some response using curl:

Also, there are other ways to communicate with a WebSocket server, e.g.

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    wscat work Perfect – Xin Meng Nov 29 '18 at 12:10

Assuming you have node installed, I would give wscat a shot; it is simple, intuitive, and powerful. Otherwise, @Pavel's answer has an abundance of venerable websocket client alternatives.

# install
npm install -g wscat

# use
wscat -c "wss://ws-feed.gdax.com"
  • I think you mean ws not wss as the protocol? – Rambatino Jul 7 at 7:11
  • @Rambatino - The WebSocket protocol specification defines both ws (WebSocket) and wss (WebSocket Secure). – Travis Clarke Jul 12 at 18:05
  • aha neat! Thanks for the info :) – Rambatino Jul 19 at 10:36

I'd like to add my own tool for this: websocat.

Example session with the service in question:

$ rlwrap  websocat wss://ws-feed.gdax.com
{"type":"subscribe","channels": [{ "name": "heartbeat", "product_ids": ["BTC-USD"] }]}
{"type":"unsubscribe","channels": [{ "name": "heartbeat", "product_ids": ["BTC-USD"] }]}

Besides a websocket client, websocat supports WebSocket server and other modes and is aimed to integrate websockets into "UNIX" world in general.

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