I am running Ubuntu 16.04. Lately, I experience the following strange behavior when copy pasting via the clipboard, e.g. let's say I want to clone some repository. So, I copy the following string:


And then paste it to my shell after a git clone using ctrl+shift+v. I would expect:

$ git clone https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow

But instead I see

$ git clone ~0https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow1~

This does not happen all the time and I have not yet figured out, what causes this annoying behavior. Anyone else experiencing this and has someone found out how to get rid of it?


Try to find the solution here: http://midnight-commander.org/ticket/3207 TL;DR seems like bug in the Ubuntu packages. You can copy text selecting it with the mouse and pressing scroll button to paste, the way to avoid your troubles at now.

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