I´m matching a list of company names against itself with R and agrep() because the data was stored wrong in a legacy system - No 4th normal form, companys were recorded on the same level as customers, which means a new company entry for every new customer, which leads to a lot of differenty company names for one company - which works fine in a lot of cases.

Sometimes, especially for short strings, I get - at least for me - weird matches, for example (ABC is the first company name):


ABC ABB Europe


ABC ABB Stotz Kontakt GmbH

ABC ABM Financial News


ABC AC Klöser GmbH



I´m using agrep() with the following parameters:

agrep(vector1, vector2, value = TRUE, ignore.case = FALSE, max.distance = 0.01)

Is there any other way than the max distance to tweak agrep() or a better way to do this?

Thanks in advance

For a similar problem, I used the second method described in this article: http://bigdata-doctor.com/fuzzy-string-matching-survival-skill-tackle-unstructured-information-r/#comment-942

It matches each register with the most similar one, which of course is not optimal if having some false positives is a problem for you.

Additionally, you may find useful this function to remove white spaces before and after the names:

  trim <- function (x) gsub("^\\s+|\\s+$", "", x) #Defining function that returns string w/o leading or trailing whitespace

I also used the removewords() function from the "tm" package. In your case, removing ABC " may be useful.

  • Thanks for your reply. I alredy removed blanks/whitespaces etc. before matching. The most similar one is unfortunately not enough, I need all similar matches for one company to get those rows together. Removeing ABC doesn´t solve my problem, it´s a valid company name in this case and the problem occures for other short company names as well (3-5 characters) – Salfii Dec 18 '17 at 11:31

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