I'm using google app script for some application and in javascript m getting NaN error

var state = $("#state").text();
var now = new Date();
var startDate = $("#startDate").val();
var endDate = $("#endDate").val();
var sdate=Number(startDate);
var edate=Number(endDate);
var empName = $("#searchEmpName").val();

if (edate < sdate){
  // show error msg

You can use var sdate = parseInt(startDate); instead of var sdate = Number(startDate); and same for the end date.

  • as start date is 26/01/2018 and end date is 31/12/2017 is not working as it only compare date – Hemant Lambat Dec 18 '17 at 12:56
  • so you can use var sdate = new Date(startDate); var integerDate = sdate.getTime(); and same for the end date. Hope it helps! – Shridhar Sharma Dec 19 '17 at 4:25

var sdate=new Date(startDate); var edate=new Date(endDate); Here no need to convert sdate and edate in Number. You can compare both the dates now as you have done before.

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