I am running amazon AWS ECS container which creates one single instance of EC2. I made sure that it is 1 instance when I created ECS.

My issue is that I have another instance running in EC2 and amazon has sent me an email that I am using double of the free quota and will be charged.

But I am not sure why this second EC2 instance is coming from.

I have terminated it many times but it is recreated. When I terminate it, this is the prompt i receive which advises me that it is created from EBS but there is no app in EBS

On an EBS-backed instance, the default action is for the root EBS volume to be deleted when the instance is terminated. 
Storage on any local drives will be lost.

This name of the instance is. ECS Instance - amazon-ecs-cli-setup-ecs-cricketscorer

Please help.


check if you have any Auto Scaling Groups that you do not recognize. It is most probably being created because of it. If not, change your account password and deactivate/delete your existing AccessKeys.

  • Thanks a lot. It was auto scaling group causing issues. Just deleted. – Sallu Dec 18 '17 at 14:40

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