I have an existing DynamoDB table which has attributes say

hk(hash-key)| rk(range-key)|   a1    |    a2   |    a3   | 

I have an existing DynamoDb client which will only update existing record for a1 only. I want to create a second writer(DDB client) which will also update an existing record, but, for a2 and a3 only.
If both the ddb client tries to update same record (1 for a1 and other for a2 and a3) at the exact same time, will DynamoDb guarantee that all a1 a2 a3 are updated with correct value(all three new values)? Is using save behavior UPDATE_SKIP_NULL_ATTRIBUTES sufficient for this purpose or do I need to implement some kind of optimistic locking? If not, Is there something that DDB provides on the fly for this purpose?


If you happen to be using the Dynamo Java SDK you are in luck, because the SDK supports just that with Optimistic Locking. Im not sure if the other SDKs support anything similar - I suspect they do not.

Optimistic locking is a strategy to ensure that the client-side item that you are updating (or deleting) is the same as the item in DynamoDB. If you use this strategy, then your database writes are protected from being overwritten by the writes of others — and vice-versa.

  • thanks, Let's see if Optimistic Locking is the only way to go. – Deepankar Singh Dec 18 '17 at 18:53

Reads to DyanmoDB are eventually consistent. See this: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/amazondynamodb/latest/developerguide/HowItWorks.ReadConsistency.html

DynamoDB supports eventually consistent and strongly consistent reads.

Eventually Consistent Reads

When you read data from a DynamoDB table, the response might not reflect the results of a recently completed write operation. The response might include some stale data. If you repeat your read request after a short time, the response should return the latest data.

Strongly Consistent Reads

When you request a strongly consistent read, DynamoDB returns a response with the most up-to-date data, reflecting the updates from all prior write operations that were successful. A strongly consistent read might not be available if there is a network delay or outage.

Note DynamoDB uses eventually consistent reads, unless you specify otherwise. Read operations (such as GetItem, Query, and Scan) provide a ConsistentRead parameter. If you set this parameter to true, DynamoDB uses strongly consistent reads during the operation.

Basically you have specify that you need to have strongly consistent data when you read.

And that should solve your problem. With consistent reads you should see updates to all three fields.

Do note that there are pricing impacts for strongly consistent reads.

  • I am aware of throughput consumption of strongly consistent reads. I am just asking whether it is possible to concurrently write in the same record with two different writers or any one of those will succeed in one-time, and the final record may end up to be a'1 a2 a3 or a1 a'2 a'3. Hope i am able to explain my query. – Deepankar Singh Dec 18 '17 at 18:44

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