Development for ng2-smart-table has stalled and I am trying to build a fork for the repository but it appears to not build.

I've done similar stuff before and normally just create a fork of a repository. put in my changes and then modify package.json on my main project to point to the github project

However when I try to do this with for the ng2-smart-table I get the error: Can't install git+https://github.com/atlantageek/ng2-smart-table.git#8f37d374a87a9008328aaea36ad6ce78a28ce7a8: Missing package version

Im also unable to decipher the build release process and the developers have gone dark on the issues. Does anyone have any guidance.

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Simply add version: 1.3.0 to package.json in your repository with the current version of your package which npm can track.

And then run

npm install git+https://github.com/atlantageek/ng2-smart-table

I've created example commit which solves the issue https://github.com/huncode/ng2-smart-table/commit/8c32e8ccd8ba6274371851d779ffa7d128901964

Then you update the package don't forget to bump version into your package.json.

As alternative you can use git tag (attached image) to fetch exact version from git repository

enter image description here

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