I'm using dot.net WebApi2 and I'm getting Veracode Flaw from code scan:

'The Controller's Action is missing a Route Attribute that will perform input validation on Action parameters using a Route Constraint.... Remediation: Make sure to use RouteAttribute objects with a Route Constraint on each Action'

The action referred to is:

public IHttpActionResult Get(int? offset = null, int? rows = null)

Since I only have optional parameters, they are not specified in the Route attribute. If I do by changing thr route annotation to:


the route would show in the swagger api help page like this:

GET /api/v1/foo/{offset}/{rows}

instead of (what we want to show):

GET /api/v1/foo

the help page would also have those parameters marked as required, even though they should not be.

Is there a way I can please Veracode and not spoil my swagger doc's?

  • did you find a solution? – Timur Abdurafeev Mar 4 at 15:16
  • 1
    nope. ended up mitigating it – Alex Mar 4 at 20:35

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