I am trying to create a Topic in Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus via code. I see there was a NamespaceManager object in Microsoft.ServiceBus, but I can't find anything for the newer Azure namespace. I am using .NET Core.

Has this yet to be implemented? Or did I just not look hard enough?

If this isn't possible, is there a way to create a filter on SubscriptionClient()?

Thank you!


Below is the sample code -

// Create management credentials
TokenProvider credentials = TokenProvider.CreateSharedAccessSignatureTokenProvider(sasKeyName, sasKeyValue);

// Create namespace client
NamespaceManager namespaceClient = new NamespaceManager(ServiceBusEnvironment.CreateServiceUri("sb", ServiceNamespace, string.Empty), credentials);

TopicDescription dataCollectionTopic = namespaceClient.CreateTopic("DataCollectionTopic");

SubscriptionDescription myAgentSubscription = namespaceClient.CreateSubscription(myTopic.Path, "Inventory");
SubscriptionDescription myAuditSubscription = namespaceClient.CreateSubscription(myTopic.Path, "Dashboard");

MessagingFactory factory = MessagingFactory.Create(serviceUri, tokenProvider);
TopicClient myTopicClient = factory.CreateTopicClient(myTopic.Path)

Refer to this Microsoft document for reference - Topics and subscriptions

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    But this is using the older Microsoft.ServiceBus and not the newer Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus – Andy Dec 18 '17 at 21:41

They changed it all around in .NET Standard. You should be able to do this using the Microsoft.Azure.Management.ServiceBus nuget library. More info found here.

Here is a sample project for CRUD operations on ServiceBus resources.

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