I am currently running a stream with ffmpeg, through icecast2 through a python snippet (Fig1). I have created a systemd service to run said python script on boot (Fig2) and use a custom target (Fig3) to make sure it loads once every other service is loaded, mostly for icecast2.

I've conducted multiple tests, and the stream works fine if launched either from the python code or if I restart the service attached to it.

My problem is, on a (re)boot of the system, the service runs for approximately 15 seconds, then the stream dies. I've read so much on python and systemd, but I can't for the life of me figure out where the problem lies. I've tried changing my python code, the unit load order and anything else I found online that could help, but found nothing.

Fig1 (dxstream.py)

import sys
import time
import subprocess

def start():
    return subprocess.Popen(r’ffpmeg -re -f alsa -ac2 -i hw:1,0 -acodec mp3 -ab 320k -f mp3 icecast://sourcehackme@localhost:8000/stream', shell=True)

testProcess = start()

while True:

    res = testProcess.poll()
    if res is not None:
        testProcess = start()

Fig2 (dxstream.service)

Description=ffmpeg stream starter
Execstart=/usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/dxstream.py


Fig3 (custom.target)

Description=Custom Target

I've set reporting to ON for the ffmpeg stream, as well as track the boot process of the unit and it seems it was prematurely creating a link to IceCast while IceCast was still initializing. I added a 30-second delay to the script itself for the first boot, and it works properly now.

Closing this topic!

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