I am having following data in Neo4j graph dB: Year Fruit Count 2006 Apple 10 2006 Mango 15 2006 Banana 30 2007 Apple 13 2007 Mango 11 2007 Banana 27 2008 Apple 2 2008 Mango 23 2008 Banana 47

I am interested in getting following result: Year Apple Banana Mango 2006 10 30 15 2007 13 27 11 2008 2 47 23

How can I get this result using Neo4j Cypher query?

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Similar to SQL the result columns are fixed (except when you use RETURN *).

The closest you could do is to create a map and return the map.

RETURN year, { banana: case fruit when "banana" then count else null end, 
               apple: case fruit when "apple" then count else null end, 
               mango: case fruit when "mango" then count else null end} as data

with the apoc library you can generalize that:

RETURN year, apoc.map.fromPairs(collect([fruit, count])) as data

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