Really getting stuck on this one. I've googled a lot and can't figure out what I've done wrong...

I'm trying to create a new file, via the git add README.txt command in terminal...

(So far I've created a new folder Fundamentals. Created a sub-folder git-practice. And created a git repo via git init command)

However, when I try and add a file in fundamentals/git-practice, i get the following error..

fatal: pathspec 'README.txt' did not match any files

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.. everything seems to make sense. Here's the code:

Reenas-MBP:~ reenaverma$ cd ~

Reenas-MBP:~ reenaverma$ ls
72.png          GitHub          flask-workshop
Applications        Library         fundamentals
Creative Cloud Files    Movies          funny_things
Desktop         Music           get-pip.py
Documents       Pictures        world
Downloads       Public          wwlc
Dropbox         Retrieved Contents

Reenas-MBP:~ reenaverma$ cd fundamentals

Reenas-MBP:fundamentals reenaverma$ ls

Reenas-MBP:fundamentals reenaverma$ cd git-practice

Reenas-MBP:git-practice reenaverma$ ls -a
.   ..  .git

Reenas-MBP:git-practice reenaverma$ pwd

Reenas-MBP:git-practice reenaverma$ git add README.txt
fatal: pathspec 'README.txt' did not match any files

Reenas-MBP:git-practice reenaverma$ 
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    Did you create a file named README.txt? If you are using git bash, type ls in the directory where your git repo lives to see what files are there. – Code-Apprentice Dec 18 '17 at 23:28
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    Make this first: echo "# git-practice" >> README.txt and then git add README.txt – Vladimir Glinskikh Jan 19 '20 at 21:19

fatal: pathspec 'README.txt' did not match any files

You get this error because there is no file named README.txt in the current directory. Git is in the business of managing files that you create with other programs, usually a text editor or IDE. git add only adds the file to the index. It does not create any files directly. You need to use another tool to do so. Use your favorite text editor (I suggest Notepad++, Sublime Text 3, or Atom) and create a file with some text.


I'm trying to create a new file, via the 'git add README.txt' command in terminal...

git add does not create a new file. It adds an existing file to be indexed by git. You'll need to create the file first.

  • Can you please tell how to create one via the terminal, in mac? – javan.rajpopat Aug 26 '19 at 15:10
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    @javan.rajpopat really? just touch README.txt – eis Aug 26 '19 at 15:11

Just type in your terminal (e.g. in git bash):

git >> README.md
git add README.md

The following code works for me

git add README.txt

Try doing the same with cloning your repository locally and " git commit data " into that. finally " git push -u origin master "

If that may help


I had the same problem and after typing ls I had git display all the files I had in the folder, then I found that I had saved the readme file as readme.txt.txt. Hence I had to rename the file to readme.txt and then I was able to add it successfully.


I do following this command (windows10) in terminal and everthing is working

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