My main problem is, i want to create relationship between 2 tables.

In SQL Management studio i opened the 2 tables and created a relationship between them. Then, when i started to Generate a new model from the database in Visual Studio, everything works fine, but i can't see my new relationship. I've tried to make an association inside the Model.edmx between the two tables, it made a Foreign key inside the 'B' table (that i wanted to reach from 'A'), but after all Visual Studio is crying with an exception: InnerException "Invalid column name '' What am i doing wrong? Where should i see the relationships in Visual Studio Model Browser? Any other solutions for my problem?


There are two ways (maybe more and I don't know about it)

1: (Recommended) right click inside your model on an empty space, select Update Model from Database, and in last screen click OK, since you don't want to add any tables you don't need to select any thing, it will refresh the modeled tables

2: Right click on your table , Add New -> Association, it's like foreign key and select your entities and multiplicity

  • Thank you for your answer, but i have already tried these. The problem with the first option, is when i Update my model from database, it does not refresh the actual relationship that i just added before. The problem with the second option, is when i create an Association it creates the foreign key for the 'B' model, but after i build my project (and the query executes), it crashes with the exception: "Invalid Column name <The foreign key that the new association created>". – G-man Dec 20 '17 at 14:37

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