I am currently using a mixing for rem font-sizes with a fallback to pixels in SASS, for responsive font sizes. I'm using this mixin:

@mixin font-size ($size) { 
    $remValue: $size / 16; 
    $pxValue: ($size); 
    font-size: $pxValue + px; 
    font-size: $remValue + rem; 

Now i was wondering if there's a shorter way to call on this mixin. Now i have to type:

@include font-size(20);

For a size of 20 pixels (1.25rem)

Witch is good, to set for a couple of font-sizes, but if i have to use it more than 30 times it's getting annoying...

Now i saw that LESS uses:


To do the same thing, witch is better but for now i need to use SASS.
Can i make this call shorter or do i still need to use @include?

I could not find a emmet shortcode for this...



No you can't, as you can see in SASS Docs


  • Sadly... :( Guess i have to make a Emmet shortcode for it or something... – Loosie94 Dec 20 '17 at 12:51

Can i make this call shorter or do i still need to use @include?

A shorter method currently doesn't exist in Sassy CSS (SCSS). But in pure SASS you simply might as well use + instead of @include.


    $remValue: $size / 16 
    $pxValue: ($size)
    font-size: $pxValue + px
    font-size: $remValue + rem    

    +font-size(20) // <- that + here

Note that you have to rename your file format into .sass as this only applies to the SASS syntax originaly based on Ruby.

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