I have a certain class method which I want to invoke using Reflection.
Here is an example of my code in my Activity onCreate:

try {
    aMethod = getClass().getDeclaredMethod("myMethodName", SomeParameter.class);
} catch (NoSuchMethodException e) {

When I run it directly from Android Studio, it works, but when I create a release version, the method name is not automatically changed by ProGuard. What can I do?


ProGuard documentation mentions the following:

It is generally impossible to compute which classes have to be preserved (with their original names), since the class names might be read from a configuration file, for instance. You therefore have to specify them in your ProGuard configuration, with the same simple -keep options.

However, there are SOME cases in which ProGuard automatically handles Reflection. Those are the following: (please refer to the documentation for the most recent list)

  • Class.forName("SomeClass") SomeClass.class
  • SomeClass.class.getField("someField")
  • SomeClass.class.getDeclaredField("someField")
  • SomeClass.class.getMethod("someMethod", new Class[] {})
  • SomeClass.class.getMethod("someMethod", new Class[] { A.class })
  • SomeClass.class.getMethod("someMethod", new Class[] { A.class, B.class })
  • SomeClass.class.getDeclaredMethod("someMethod", new Class[] {})
  • SomeClass.class.getDeclaredMethod("someMethod", new Class[] { A.class })
  • SomeClass.class.getDeclaredMethod("someMethod", new Class[] { A.class, B.class })
  • AtomicIntegerFieldUpdater.newUpdater(SomeClass.class, "someField")
  • AtomicLongFieldUpdater.newUpdater(SomeClass.class, "someField")
  • AtomicReferenceFieldUpdater.newUpdater(SomeClass.class, SomeType.class, "someField")

So, in my case, my error was that I was getting the class using getClass().
The following line did work great.

aMethod = MainActivity.class.getDeclaredMethod("myMethodName", SomeParameter.class);

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