I have several sites set up that are using a URL Rewrite to direct Http to Https.

All sites are setup with two sub-folders. Example:

  1. http://www.example.net
  2. http://www.example.net/abc
  3. http://www.example.net/xyz

This is my current URL Rewrite Inbound Rule settings:

  • Pattern: (.*)
  • Condition input: {HTTPS}
  • Check if input string: Matches the Pattern
  • Pattern: ^OFF$
  • Action Type: Redirect
  • Redirect URL: https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:1}
  • Redirect type: Permanent (301)

All three re-direct to Https perfectly.

However, I need to exclude one of the sub folders from this rule and NOT re-direct it to Https (http://www.example.net/abc).

Could this be accomplished by modifying the existing rule condition? Or even better, by adding an additional rule or rule condition?


You can modify the existing rule and add additional condition: enter image description here

Condition input: {REQUEST_URI}

Check if input string: Does Not Match the Pattern

Pattern: ^/abc

With this condition, rule will exclude all URLs, which starting from abc. For example, these URLs will be excluded:

  • /abc
  • /abcdef
  • /abc/xyz

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