I'm uploading files from Angular 2 with ngx-uploader and storing them on backend (nodejs/feathers) with multer. Now I'm having trouble to reach and display them, for now im just trying to display image, but actually i just need to see how paths work so i can reach the .pdf files. As a file path im getting this: resources\\uploads\\quality-docs\\FILENAME so i tried to reach them like this: http://localhost:3030/resources/uploads/quality-docs/FILENAME but it doesnt work, it gives me 404. Just realised when i put files in static, public folder, i can reach it like http://localhost:3030/FILENAME ... but is there a way for it to not be in public?

This is how my backend structure looks like:

Any ideas/sugestions are welcome, is this even a right way to go? Plus if any of you have idea how to delete files from server?


Assuming that you are using express in your node app, you need to include a static route to the resources/uploads directory (express static routes) like the following:


For deleting files from a node application use unlink fs.unlink

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