I'm new to Ionic and I'm having trouble getting data from a database in a server.

What I'm trying to do is to connect Ionic to the database in a server through a laravel app.

  .subscribe((data : any) =>
     this.items = data;
  (error : any) =>

Where retrieve_data.php is a file that contains the database connection and query, but nothing shows up in my app.

So I tried doing the same thing but with a local host. If I run the retrieve_data.php file directly from my browser it shows

[{"id":1,"name":"Diego Rodriguez","email":"drodriguezm@fastfit.cl","password":"fastfit","remember_token":null}]

Which is the answer from the query to the db in the localhost. But when I try to do the same thing in Ionic like: this.http.get('http://localhost/retrieve_data.php') I get nothing.

Please help :(


Ohh there may be a problem with ionic, I had a while ago it has something to do with the cross-platform pull from the database.

You can run it and then debug on a device through google chrome and see if there is an error.

If it the cross-platform error ionic provides a solution whereby you use a proxy within the ionic app.


I was doing it wrong, you have to use laravel routes get data from the db. You don't need to create a new file to retrieve data from database, just edit the api.php file and add the routes you need like


I solved my problem like this.

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